Moving On

Occasionally it is necessary for a Resident to move either into Hospital or a Nursing Home when their care needs become too much for Ashley House. Ashley House is a Residential Home and not a Nursing Home. We do not have such items as hoists or other lifting equipment. This scenario does not happen very often but it is important to realise that this can be a possibility.

If it becomes apparent that there is a need for a Resident to move on, this would be decided in consultation with Ashley House, The Resident, Family Members and/or Advocates, the Resident’s GP and other Healthcare Professionals. If it was not an immediate Hospital admission, Ashley House would assist the Resident in terms of moving on and give them time to find a more suitable care setting suited to their changing needs. This would more than likely be a Nursing Home.

Examples of such situations are:

  • If a Resident mobility becomes so poor that they would require lifting aids or a hoist to get in and out of bed.
  • If a Resident’s Dementia or Alzheimer’s progresses rapidly to the point that the care staff cannot meet a Residents needs
  • If a Resident’s care needs become so great that the staff are spending too much time on that particular Resident to the detriment of the other Residents.