Current Weekly Charges

Single Room with adjacent shower room £1100.00
Single Room with en-suite toilet £1105.00
Single Room with en-suite shower room £1110.00

Charges are per person per week and include personal laundry and full meals (breakfast in bed).

Please note:

We accept Self Funded Residents at the above Rates. We can also accept a number of Council Funded Residents (this will be at the discretion of the Manager), at the Council’s Approved Rate.

Quality Award

From April 2007 a National Quality Scheme for Care Homes is being phased in across Scotland. What this means is that the standard charges that Council’s pay Care Homes may vary depending on the Quality of the services provided. If this happens we will advise you.

Free Personal Care

Subject to assessment by Aberdeen City Council Social Work Department or another relevant Council Social Work Department, a Resident may be eligible to receive Free Personal Care which amounts to £212.85 per week.

Trial Period

We are happy to offer an eight-week reciprocal trial period to ensure confidence in moving on the part of potential Residents and compatibility with other Residents and ourselves.

Care Planning

We ensure that all Residents have an individual plan of care that is regularly updated and reviewed. This ensures that each Resident is involved with and receives a tailored plan of care to suit their individual requirements. The Care Plan will include risk assessments and all accidents and incidents will be recorded within the Resident’s Day Book Folder.

Comments / Complaints / Inspection Reports

Ashley House is registered with The Care Inspectorate and Residents or their advocates are free to contact them (address below), should they feel the need to do so, at any time whatsoever. Recent Inspection Reports are also available from the The Care Inspectorate.

Care Inspectorate
Compass House,
11 Riverside Drive,

Tel: 0845 600 9527 
Email: enquiries@careinspectorate.com